Summer School of Evangelisation Melbourne

A work of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community

2023 Melbourne Summer School

Alive Again

15-22 Jan 2023

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Summer School Jan 2022

SSE Melbourne - Our Hope is in the Lord

January 9 to 16, 2022

Our Hope is in the Lord

After much prayer and community discernment, our decision to proceed with Summer School of Evangelisation Melbourne in January 2022 was a blessing to both participants and helpers despite a peak in Victorian COVID-19 cases.

With the Lord’s good grace, we were able to complete the weeklong Summer School without an outbreak. 

We heard engaging teachers and challenging preachers who drew us deeper into healing, prayer and fellowship.

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What is the Summer School of Evangelisation?

Summer School of Evangelisation is a week-long live-in retreat style experience for young Catholics to enrich their personal understanding of faith, while journeying together as a Christian community.

Through plenary sessions, sharing, praise & worship, lectures and workshops, participants are taken into a deeper experience with God, and develop a vision for making positive social change and for evangelisation.

During the School, participants experience significant personal growth and leave the school with greater zeal for their personal faith journeys, returning ignited with a missionary outlook for their local parishes and ministry.

Every year for the last 30 years, the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community (DOJCC) have led these Schools across Australia alongside Missionaries of God’s Love (MGL) brothers, sisters and priests.

Our participants are 18 to 35 years old Catholics – some are newly discovering their faith, and others have been to several Summer Schools and are looking to enrich their spiritual lives further.

What do previous participants think of SSE?

“I'm so eternally grateful for what Summer Schools have done for me. Thank YOU guys for keeping this flame alive”

Former Participant

"SSE has changed my faith life for the better, and I can't imagine starting the year any other way.”

Former Participant

2022 Presenters

We had the following wonderful presenters teach at Summer School Melbourne 2022. Our topics included formation on scripture, faith and morals, Church teaching, evangelisation, pastoral care, spiritual growth, finding God in our daily lives, art and beauty and more.

Fr Cameron Smith MGL

Fr Cameron Smith MGL

This year's priestly Director. Former leader of Summer School and Assistant Parish Priest at the MGL Parish of St Benedict's, Burwood.

Fr Chris Eaton MGL

Fr Chris Eaton MGL

8-year MGL priest & Seminary Formator in Canberra. Special talent: Rap albums

Rob Zaar

Rob Zaar

Inspirational speaker & renowned teacher of Catholic young adults.

Sr Rosie Drum

Rosie Drum MGL

Well-travelled & musically-talented sister who has recently supported Parramatta Diocese's Youth Ministry.

Br Justin Uzabeaga MGL

Br Justin Uzabeaga MGL

Originally from Canberra, he is passionate about helping others to experience the healing touch of Jesus. and has coordinated healing prayer ministries for a number of years in Catholic settings, and volunteered with several other Christian groups.

Sr Berna Toohey MGL

Berna Toohey MGL

Has lead several Melbourne Summer Schools and numerous Catholic Young Adult events.


Jane William

Providing pastoral support to numerous women, Jane is a lay member of the Disciples of Jesus Community. She is a Child & Family Practitioner.

Marco Corsini

Marco Corsini

Leader of Disciples of Jesus Melbourne. Melbourne-based Artist, Teacher and Business Owner

Br Shehan Fernando MGL

Br Shehan Fernando MGL

Worship-leading MGL brother who has served in Canberra, Darwin and Melbourne. Also a soccer star.


Althea Marvin

Disciples of Jesus - Mission Lead in Melbourne. Married with 4 children. Executive in Global Property Strategy. Passionate about music and worship.


Dr Gerard William

Summer School Administrator. Lay member of the Disciples of Jesus Community. Audiologist Practice Owner by trade

Fr Robin Koning SJ

Fr Robin Koning SJ

Jesuit priest and theologian, experienced in young adult ministry and in teaching discernment of spirits

Sr Ayanthi Perera MGL

Ayanthi Perera MGL

Prayer Warrior. Melbourne-based MGL sister with an extensive educational background hailing from Sri Lanka.

Fr Peter Fitzsimmons

Fr Peter Fitzsimons

A priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei & assistant priest at St Mary Star of the Sea Parish, West Melbourne. He has a Masters of Commercial Law (Hons 1) and a Doctorate in Moral Theology. He has worked as a lawyer and legal academic in Australia and NZ, most recently teaching at the University of Queensland

Gen Schaefer

Gen Schaefer

Youth Mission Team (YMT) Manager for Melbourne, and member of the Disciples of Jesus Community. Delightful speaker!

What topics were on offer at Summer School 22?


  • Hope for the Spiritual Battle: St Ignatius’ Rules for Discernment of Spirits
  • About the Mass… Delving into the Mystery
  • Attention to Experience Prayer: Meeting God in Every Moment
  • Sanctity – The Call to be a Saint and how to get there
  • Evangelisation in a Secular Age: Tips, tools, & strategies for everyday Christian missionaries
  • Holy Spirit 101
  • Charismatic Gifts & Prophecy
  • Signs and Symbols in Christian Art and Architecture or How to Read a Church
  •  Warriors for the Kingdom: Intercession, Spiritual Warfare & Burden Bearing
  • Theology 101
  • Catholic Morality
  • Virtues and Vices
  • Spiritual Growth
  • St Paul –  Life, Letters, Theology
  • True Value of Sexuality & The Importance of Chastity in Relationships leading to Marriage

What is a typical day at Summer School?

Summer School of Evangelisation follows a structured week to help each person encounter the Lord by preparing the space to receive him. 

Over the course of the week, we move through a Life in the Spirit course in addition to our prayer, formation, sacramental and recreation programs. 

Hence, we encourage each person to attend for the whole week. 

The timetable on the right indicates a typical weekday at Melbourne’s Summer School (TBC). The days are long, full and rich! 

While we encourage you to attend all activities each day, there are different options for new attendees compared to more experienced participants of Summer School.

Young adults listening at a plenary session
Time Schedule (Subject to Change)
7am Adoration
7.30am Morning Prayer
8am Breakfast
8.45am Plenary Session
9.45am Lecture Stream 1
10.30am Morning Tea & Sharing Groups
11.15am Lecture Stream 2
12.15pm Mass
1pm Lunch
2pm Recreation

Spiritual Direction (optional)

5pm Workshop Stream
6pm Evening Prayer
6.30pm Dinner
7.15pm Night Session
9.15pm Night Prayer


10.30pm Lights Out


Summer Schools are not cheap to run.

We try our best to balance participant affordability and having enough to cover our helper costs.

Each participant or helper who attends incurs others costs, such as for travel and unpaid work, and we are grateful for those who still choose to attend Summer School and invest in their spiritual lives.

“I think Summer School is a fantastic ministry that is changing young peoples lives in effective and powerful ways. “

Former Participant

Summer School Melbourne 2022 Sponsors

We are especially grateful for the following sponsors who have made it easier for us to keep our registrations affordable.

And various GENEROUS past participants!

Are you interested in sponsoring Summer School of Evangelisation Melbourne 2023?

We have sponsorship and advertising opportunities available. Download last year’s Summer School of Evangelisation Event Sponsorship Proposal, have a look and chat with us! We will be releasing our 2023 version shortly!


Summer School of Evangelisation (SSE) Melbourne 2022 ran from January 9-16, 2022. We were based at YMCA Lady Northcote in Glenmore, VIC. 

Participants must be aged between 18 and 35 years old when Summer School begins. 

We're sorry to miss you there. But it is important that the young adults nature of Mebourne's Summer School of Evangelisation remains true.

We invite you to pray for participants to encounter the Holy Spirit as you did!

We also appreciate your financial help where possible. Can you perhaps sponsor a young adult to attend? Or maybe your work or business is looking for sponsorship/advertising opportunities at Summer School? If so, please get in touch! 

We hope to welcome you to a future Summer School!

Summer School is designed to help young adults encounter the Lord in a way that deepens their faith and to take action in their lives towards Christ. Hence, participants may get the most out of Summer School if they are at age of greater indepedence and are able to make life-changing decisions, such as having finished high school or hve begun living indepedently.

We will keep you in the loop about other youth ministries available this summer.

'I Am' Flyer

While you do not have to be Catholic to attend, it is important for you to know that the rhythmm of each day follows our Catholic Tradition of Mass and prayers. If this appeals - you're welcome to attend!

And you don't have to currently practicing as a Catholic. We all come to be transformed. We do not judge anyone's journey - we just want to point young adults (ourselves included) back to Christ Jesus, the way, the truth and the life. One of the beautiful aspects of Summer School is that it is a journey between you and the Lord at your pace. This offers you something very different to what the world can offer, and what you might experience at your regular Parishes that you attend. If the Lord has placed this on your heart, then Come and See.

Talk to us if you want to discuss further.

(We do, however, have some requirements for first-time attendees. We ask that you obtain a reference letter from a Priest, Pastoral Leader or Disciples of Jesus member. The purpose of this reference is to ensure that all of our participants are capable of engaging fully with all that happens at the School and help us to discern whether attendance by certain persons may be inappropriate or unsuitable. We will email you the reference letter form for return via email.)

Welcome! We are so excited for you. Each of our team members vividly remembers their first Summer School experience. We have a program that eases in first-time attendees into the riches on offer at Summer School of Evangelisation! 

We do, however, have some requirements for first-time attendees. We ask that you obtain a reference letter from a Priest, Pastoral Leader or Disciples of Jesus member. The purpose of this reference is to ensure that all of our participants are capable of engaging fully with all that happens at the School and help us to discern whether attendance by certain persons may be inappropriate or unsuitable. We will email you the reference letter form for return via email.

One of the things we have been conscious in planning this year's Summer School is to have a program that deepens returning participants' faith, addresses some of the challenges they face in their late 20s and early 30s, and extends some of the tools required for a richer and more fruitful spiritual life.

We encourage you to come and see how the Lord can minister to you in a more profound way! 

To protect the integrity of our weeklong Summer School structure that guides each participant towards an encounter with. the Lord, we have made the decision not to accept partial registrations. 

Please consider structuring your plans to allow you to attend for the whole week. This is likely to be best spiritual investment you can provide for yourself (and those who you love) after the last two years of lockdowns!

Our Early Bird rate is $480 (until Dec 1, 2022). 

It then reverts to our full rate of $500.

All payment must be received before Summer School begins.

Note that the registration fee covers all your meals, accomodation and activities. 

Our Early Bird rate just covers our costs, but we don't want financial barriers to prevent anyone from coming. Speak to us by contacting us.

We will let you know once registered!

In a nutshell, you will need your own single bed sheets for your bed, your bible (if you have one) and writing materials for taking notes/sketches. But we will give you more information!

We are constantly on the look-out for volunteers to assist us with the large undertaking that is Summer School of Evangelisation. Get in touch and we can chat more! 

As you are aware, we need financial support to ensure attendee rates are as low as possible. Please get in touch via email to discuss. We appreciate your help!

Are you ready to transform your life?

"Summer School has changed my faith life for the better, and I can't imagine starting the year any other way.”

Former Participant

All-Inclusive Pricing

$ 500
  • Seven nights accomodation
  • Eight days of activities
  • ALL Meals included

We review each application to ensure suitability of all participants for our Summer School of Evangelisation.

Once approved, you will then need to agree to our participant Code of Conduct and make payment by the required dates. You will also be supplied with a list of things to bring with you to make your stay more comfortable. 

Registrations were $500 and closed on 6th January 2022.

Registrations Closed on 6th January 2022.

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Questions? Enquiries?

Please get in touch if you need help or clarification.